Over 10 million people in the United States and an estimated 3-6% of the world’s population are affected by Fibromyalgia and 70% to 90% are female. CuraLase approaches Fibromyalgia conducting a careful screening interview with a qualified practitioner. The screening will determine the correct protocol for patient care. This is an important step in making sure that the patient does not have an acute problem requiring urgent medical attention.

Fibromyalgia can cause headaches, fatigue chronic and widespread pain, to name a few of the symptoms. There are as many as 11 to 18 trigger points that can be hurting at once. The pain may vary and not remain constant on the same trigger points. Physical, emotional stressors/trauma can trigger or exacerbate the condition, as well as some viral infections.

Patients often experience pain relief starting in the first week of treatment.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia or FMS:

• Widespread pain throughout the body
• Pain may move from on area to another
• Pain is most common in muscles
• Severe headaches
• Pain often disrupts sleep patterns
• Feelings of fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, nervousness and depression
• Inability to tolerate stress, social settings, crowded areas and noise
• Constipation, nausea and abdominal pain
• Cognitive problems of forgetfulness, lack of concentration and brain fog
• Inability to tolerate coldness or dampness
• Compromised immune system leading to the vulnerability of other immune disorders