Over 30% of the United States population will suffer from bursitis. CuraLase approaches bursitis by conducting a careful screening interview with a qualified practitioner. The screening will determine the correct protocol for patient care. This is an important step in making sure that the patient does not have an acute problem requiring urgent medical attention.

Hip Bursitis pain is caused by the inflammation in or around the bursa (small sacs of synovial fluid), limiting the flow of synovial fluid to the joint. Bursitis is painful when pressing on the area in question. The bursa supply’s the fluid which lubricates the joint. A healthy bursa creates a smooth, almost frictionless functional gliding surface facilitating normal movement.

Patients often experience pain relief starting in the first week of treatment.

Symptoms of Hip Bursitis:

• Sharp pain in the lateral side of the hip
• Increased pain when rolling over on the effected side
• Sharp or shooting pain when pressure is applied to the lateral side of the hip • Pain limits mobility
• Causes sleep disruption
• Limping can cause further damage to the hip