“For 20 years I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis that became progressively worse each year. I was not only in constant pain, but miserable, depressed, and drowsy from mind-numbing painkillers that provided only partial and temporary relief. In desperation, I traveled 5,000 miles from British Columbia, Canada to South Carolina solely for CuraLase treatment. Now I am pain free, alert, and happy. I walk around the mall and enjoy playing golf. CuraLase really works! My trip by air was well worth the time and money spent.”
– Dale


“My hip pain started with a small, annoying pain in my hip that later spread into the groin area. Over time, it became painful for me to sit or walk. The pain was controlling my life—work, recreation, and the way I walked. I tried pain medications and injections, and nothing worked more than temporarily. The pain always returned and was usually more severe. Then I discovered CuraLase. After three weeks of treatments, I saw significant relief. Now I run and play tennis and golf!”
– Sam

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“I thought it would take surgery to repair a condition I had been living with for 25 years. Movement caused sharp pains in my wrist. The pain and swelling extended from my wrist to mid-forearm. Since my treatments at CuraLase, I can move my wrist without pain. I am thankful for pain relief and a treatment that did not require surgery.”
– Richard

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Cervical (Neck) Pain

“Sometimes as I tried to turn my head, the pain shot through my neck for no apparent reason. My neck became stiff, and I had to be careful to turn my body instead of my head. The pain had spread across my shoulder and even down my arm. It was interfering with my normal activities. Driving was becoming a serious problem. Since CuraLase treatments, I have resumed my normal activities. I sleep well at night, and now I feel safe again driving. Before CuraLase, I felt like a prisoner to pain, but now I am free!”
– Charlotte

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“Two years ago, I broke my wrist. After two surgeries, months of physical therapy, and a lot of pain medication, I was still in constant pain. I could not lift a gallon of milk. My physician offered no further options. That is when I heard of CuraLase. After the first week of treatment, my pain level dropped greatly, and I knew there was hope! After completing the treatments, my pain is gone, and I can use my wrist again. What a blessing! I highly recommend CuraLase treatment to anyone with RSD who thinks the condition is hopeless.”
– Dee


“As a professional golf instructor, my ability to demonstrate technique was hampered by the unbearable pain in my elbow each time I hit the ball. I had suffered for three years, but the pain had become increasingly more severe. A colleague recommended CuraLase, and although I was skeptical, I went for a consultation. There was improvement after the first treatment. Months later, my pain is gone, and I am still singing the praises of CuraLase. It helped rescue my career.”
– George


“I had lost hope and accepted that I would have to hurt for the rest of my life. Nothing helped until I went to CuraLase for treatment. Now I have absolutely no pain, and all my other symptoms have gone away. So many people with fibromyalgia have been told there is no cure for their syndrome. I wish every single one of them could hear about CuraLase.”
– Catherine

Hip Pain

“An x-ray of my hip revealed inflammation and arthritis. My pain level was a 9 or 10, and even getting into and out of bed was difficult. I was taking up to three Darvocet a day and walking with a cane. Walking from the car to the store made grocery shopping dreadfully painful. After CuraLase treatments, I have completely stopped taking any pain medication. I sleep well at night and enjoy the simple things of life like grocery shopping without pain!”
– Jeffrey

“I went to CuraLase because I was in constant pain. I had no life. Walking and standing were a chore. I couldn’t cook or clean. Since my treatments, I can walk on the beach with my husband and carry my 25-pound grandson up and down steps. Life is great! After six years of hard, constant pain, I have my life back!”
– Catherine

Knee Pain

“I was experiencing pain all the time and couldn’t walk more than 25 feet without sitting down to rest. I always carried a folding chair and used crutches or a cane. Since being treated by CuraLase, I am off all pain medication, walk without help, and have resumed activities, including playing golf and spending time in the yard. It’s a pleasure to feel like a person again!”
– Richard

“My knee pain was a constant 10. I had to quit my daily walks and activities, including household chores, playing golf and dancing. Physical therapy left me in pain, and injections did not work for me. Thanks to CuraLase, I now feel great and am dancing again!”
– Virginia

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Low Back Pain

“After 20 years of chronic back pain, my pain had become severe and required frequent medication including epidurals. I had stopped activities like golf and driving long distances. Literally disabled, I wanted to do something about the pain and went to CuraLase for treatment. Now I have stopped taking pain medication and can play golf again. CuraLase has changed my life!”
– James

“For 15 years, I had terrible lumbar pain. I could not work, exercise in the gym, stand for long periods of time, or sleep without tossing and turning. I tried epidurals, cortisone shots, acupuncture and massage therapy. Nothing worked. Pain was ruining my life. I almost had to go on disability. Since going to CuraLase, I am pain-free without medications and can focus on more important things in life. I feel great!”
– Gus

“I was taking Darvocet, Percocet and steroids to cope with severe back pain. I was miserable! My pain level of 9 to 10 ruined any chance of doing simple activities, such as cooking, ironing, or even walking to the mailbox. I had to use a motorized cart at the grocery store. I tried every type of pain treatment to control the pain, but CuraLase is the only thing that worked for me. Now I am doing great! Long car rides and grocery shopping are no longer a chore. It is so nice to be able to do simple things without pain!”
– Donna

“I was in constant pain every day for eight years. My pain level was a 10. I was taking extremely high doses of medication, including morphine and oxycodone. In fact, I was spending hundreds of dollars a month just on medication, yet I was unable to do simple things like walking around or cooking. I even had trouble sleeping. CuraLase treatments changed my life. Now pain free without medication, I sleep well at night and feel alive again! I am going to look for a job! CuraLase is a miracle!”
– Joanna

Migraine Headaches

“Desperate for relief, I had been suffering from yet another migraine—six days this time with pain I could not describe. I had missed work with nausea and an excruciating headache. Multiple pain medications did not relieve the pain. I called my friend to ask her to take me to the ER, and she said, “Please let me take you to CuraLase!” I agreed.

I was relatively pain free by the end of the first treatment and was able to eat for the first time in days. I called my husband in tears because of the relief I felt. Since my treatments, I am enjoying life again. Thanks to God and praying friends who took me to CuraLase, I am now pain free!”
– Wendy

Myofascial Pain

“The pain in my shoulders was like a nagging toothache that would not go away. Since my treatments with CuraLase therapy, I no longer hurt! I recommend CuraLase to anyone with pain.”
– Sharon


“Before being treated by CuraLase, I suffered day and night from pain in my feet. CuraLase therapy was my last hope as all the doctors could do was give me pain pills that never took all the pain away. Now I can sleep all night without having to get up because of pain!”
– Gloria

“My pain from peripheral neuropathy was so severe that I could hardly walk. I tried many medications, but none relieved the pain. I finally had to use a walker or a wheelchair. Since being treated at CuraLase several years ago, I am still pain free. I no longer require a walker or wheelchair.”
– Bob

Plantar Fasciitis

“I felt pain in my feet with every step I took. I lost the freedom to take walks or exercise. CuraLase treatments removed the pain associated with inflammation and arthritis. Now I can do things without pain. I have my freedom back! CuraLase has restored my quality of life!”
– Shari

“Six years ago, the unbearable pain in my feet was affecting my job performance. I went to CuraLase for treatment and have had no foot pain since. Thanks, CuraLase, for the joy of walking pain free again!”
– Glynn

Postherpetic Neuralgia

“Six years ago I was diagnosed with shingles. Even after the skin lesions had healed, I continued to have pain all the time at a level of 9 or 10. Medications did not relieve the pain. CuraLase provided the relief I needed. I feel wonderful and am very happy with the success of my treatments. I am spreading the word about CuraLase!”
– Anne

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“I experienced pain in my lower back, through the right hip and down my leg. The pain kept me awake at night. When I heard of CuraLase—a treatment option without drugs or injections, I decided to try it. After being treated at CuraLase, I have no back, hip or leg pain. None! I can work, rest and sleep without pain.”
– Raymond

“When I went to CuraLase, I felt old. I am 55 and felt at least 70. I was unable to climb my front steps and had difficulty unloading groceries. Diagnosed with sciatica 15 years earlier, I had been going to a pain clinic for 10 years. After CuraLase treatments, my pain level has gone from 8 to 0. I can climb my steps without pain. I have to admit that the pain is just not there! I’m not afraid to go with my family on a winter vacation to Las Vegas that will require a lot of walking. I am very grateful to CuraLase!”
– Sandra

“My pain level was 7+ and forcing me toward retirement. Medications had failed to relieve my pain, and I was ready for any type of treatment except injections and surgery. I had to give CuraLase a try, and I am so glad I did! Now I have a zero pain level and can do anything a 70-year-old can do. CuraLase is an investment in life!”
– Grant

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff

“Siding into home base was not good for a 50-year-old, and neither was the surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Strong drugs provided temporary relief, but the unbearable pain always came back. Physical therapy was slow, painful and expensive. Then I heard about CuraLase. The treatments decreased the pain level right away and accelerated the healing process. Now I am pain free and back at work. CuraLase was a home run for me!”
– Greg

TMJ Syndrome

“Not only did I have excruciating pain in my jaw and ear, but I was also unable to open my mouth. My diet was limited to what I could sip through a straw. I had numbness in the lower lip, dental pain, and headaches. Multiple pain medications did little to alleviate the pain and nothing at all to help me open my mouth. After a few treatments at CuraLase, I could open my mouth wide enough to eat a hamburger! The treatments relieved my pain, restored my ability to talk and chew and gave me a smile. Thanks, CuraLase, for relief from pain.”
– Johnnie

“After suffering from pain and swelling in my jaw for two years, I was diagnosed with TMJ. The last nine months I had reached the point that I could not bite into anything and had to chew on one side of my mouth. During surgery for other reasons, I had to be intubated through the nose because my mouth would not open wide. Since my treatments at CuraLase, I can open my mouth, eat, and speak clearly without pain or swelling. I was facing surgery to break my jaw and wire my mouth shut for six weeks. Now I no longer need pain medication or surgery to correct my TMJ. Thank you for giving me my life back!”
– Elsa

Trigeminal Neuralgia

“I did not want to live any longer. The pain in my face was so bad that I spent six years in tears, had to quit my job, and mostly stayed isolated and motionless in bed in fear of pain shocks. My family also suffered from my inability to care for them. After a few treatments at CuraLase, I could smile again! Since completing my treatments, I have no pain! I am living again!”
– Sharon

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