Relief from Epicondylitis

Does the pain in your elbow compromise your golf or tennis game? Does the pain outweigh the fun? Does it interfere with your activities? Are you searching for pain relief and a way to get back into your game quickly?

There is hope! There is relief! There is CuraLase!

Epicondylitis is inflammation of the epicondyle, or tendon of the elbow. Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, has pain on the outside portion of the elbow. Medial epicondylitis, or golfer’s elbow, is pain on the inside of the elbow.

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How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

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CuraLase has a 90% success rate in relieving pain.

Symptoms of Epicondylitis

  • Pain when grasping, pulling, pushing, or lifting
  • Limited use of the elbow
  • Localized tenderness in the lateral epicondyle
  • Pain when extending wrist under resistance

CuraLase Treatment

  • CuraLase has a 90% success rate in relieving pain.
  • We resolve the pain by targeting the source, not the symptoms.


The elbow joint connects the large bone of the upper arm, the humerus, with the two smaller bonesof the lower arm, the radius and ulna. It is a versatile joint with a combined hinge and rotating actionthat allows the arm to bend and the hand to rotate. The biceps and triceps muscles control the action of the elbow, allowing the arm to bend and extend smoothly and evenly.

The elbow has lateral and medial epicondyles, bony prominences at the end of the humerus, to which muscles and ligaments are attached. Painful and sometimes disabling inflammation of these tissues is called epicondylitis.

Causes of CRPS/RSD

  • Overuse of the involved tendon, such as repetitive work, gardening, tennis, and golf
  • Direct trauma to the outside of the elbow, causing lateral epicondylitis
  • Improper tennis stroke technique

What to Expect at CuraLase

Your experience at CuraLase will consist of:

  • Evaluation by our physician and medical staff
  • Treatment plan personalized based on length and severity of condition
  • Treatments administered by a nurse or certified therapist.

Patients experience quick relief with CuraLase therapy even without having to curtail activities. Contact us to schedule a consultation or discuss your specific condition. We will review your symptoms and give you feedback.

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