Autoimmune System

Autoimmune Systems

Is your life consumed with chronic pain in one area or even all over your body? Do your medications yield only partial or temporary relief? Do fatigue and a feeling of helplessness leave you depressed and unable to care for yourself?

There is hope! There is relief! There is CuraLase!

The autoimmune system is responsible for defending the body from outside invaders through a complex network of cells and organs. Basic to this system is the cell’s ability to recognize what is self from nonself: what is you and what is foreign. A healthy autoimmune system immediately attacks foreign invaders, such as germs or even transplanted organs.

A flaw or abnormality in the system can result in the body failing to distinguish self from nonself. When this occurs, the body makes specific cells that mistakenly attack normal, healthy cells. This misguided attack on the body is called autoimmune disease. More than 100 types of autoimmune diseases are known, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, and Type 1 diabetes. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that damages joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, and other parts of the body.

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How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

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CuraLase has a 90% success rate in relieving pain.

Symptoms of Autoimmune System

Symptoms vary greatly depending on the specific system affected. For example, the pain of rheumatoid arthritis can occur in many parts of the body, most commonly in the joints of the hands and fingers.

CuraLase Treatment

  • CuraLase has a 90% success rate in relieving pain.
  • We resolve the pain by targeting the source, not the symptoms.

Causes of Autoimmune System

  • Certain people are at greater risk including:
    • Females, especially females of childbearing age
    • People with a family history of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and multiple sclerosis
    • People exposed to certain environmental factors, including sunlight and solvent chemicals
  • Certain viral and bacterial infections are linked to autoimmune diseases.
  • Some autoimmune diseases are more common or more severely affect certain races or ethnic groups.

What to Expect at CuraLase

Your experience at CuraLase will consist of:

  • Evaluation by our physician and medical staff
  • Treatment plan personalized based on length and severity of condition
  • Treatments administered by a nurse or certified therapist.

Although autoimmune conditions are slow to respond, our patients report that after suffering for several years, they have found relief with CuraLase therapy. Contact us to schedule a consultation or discuss your specific condition. We will review your symptoms and give you feedback.

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