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Our Mission

We are committed to increasing the quality of life by alleviating pain.

Why CuraLase?

CuraLase has a 90% success rate in relieving pain. Our therapy effectively treats the pain caused by many conditions in the body, including swollen and damaged joints, spinal pain, damaged nerve tissue, autoimmune deficiencies and some viral infections.

Our therapy is non-invasive; it involves no cutting, burning, or ablating of tissue. All treatment is done on an out-patient basis, which means no hospital stay or recovery time.

CuraLase has an understanding and compassionate staff, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. The staff is highly trained and certified in laser treatment.

CuraLase therapy provides long-lasting and cost-effective relief. The patient has no associated hospital costs or hidden fees. The results in most cases are permanent or long-lasting. In fact, most patients treated in the earliest days of CuraLase are still pain free.

We resolve the pain by targeting the source, not the symptoms. Patients have noted other beneficial side effects in addition to the pain relief. Diabetic wounds of two years have healed in three weeks. Patients also noted the circulation and feeling returned while being treated for the pain of diabetic neuropathy. Swelling and lymphedema dissipated quickly. We do not claim to treat these conditions, only the relief of pain.

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History of CuraLaseSince its founding in 2005, CuraLase has been an innovator in non-invasive laser treatment for a multitude of painful conditions. Roger Porter, inventor and engineer, was seeking an alternative treatment for a family member’s excruciating pain from rheumatoid arthritis when he met Dr. Frank G. McArthur. Dr. McArthur, Past Medical Director of HealthSouth, had studied, tested and observed patient response to laser treatments for the relief of pain.

Working together, Porter and McArthur researched and developed an innovative laser device and initial protocols. In November 2005, Porter filed an application with the FDA for approval of the device. In the following month, CuraeLase, Inc., the manufacturer of the device, received clearance for its use. The FDA rated the CL1000P3 with the safest classification awarded to any treatment modality—Non-Significant Risk. In October 2011, Porter received a patent for the device from the U.S. Patent Office. He currently has three patents with an additional one pending.

The first clinic opened in March 2006 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Porter and a team of seven physicians refined the initial protocols and developed additional protocols. While delivering over 60,000 treatments to more than 6,000 patients, the team further refined and perfected the protocols.

Porter’s goal was to help patients be free from pain without surgical complications or mind-numbing medications. Patients have come from all across the nation and 10 other countries. The clinic has earned a well-deserved reputation of greatly reducing or eliminating chronic and acute pain associated with a variety of painful conditions.

Ongoing Research and Development

Ongoing Research and DevelopmentCuraLase continues to research and develop improvements in its treatment protocols. Continuous improvement requires engagement of not only top management, but the entire team. Regular team meetings ensure that all personnel have all information necessary to deliver quality service to patients and to provide feedback that will enable CuraLase to improve performance on an ongoing basis.

Our commitment to increasing the quality of life is a mission embraced and supported by the entire CuraLase team.

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